Treatments & Conditions

Men's Urologic Health

Urology Associates of Cape Cod offers Men’s Health treatments and surgeries by Dr. Andrew Kramer, a fellowship trained Urologist. We take pride in offering the highest level of surgery available today with a depth of experience and a full team approach.

Men can be comfortable sharing intimate details of their life with our physicians, who are both compassionate and capable of handling anything- simple or complex. We offer semirigid and inflatable penile implants, testicular implants, and artificial urinary sphincters by a high volume surgical team. Beyond that, UACC is frequently called upon for complex penile implant surgeries, revisions and second opinions- optimizing surgical outcome and satisfaction while minimizing complications.

Conditions Treated

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Urinary incontinence in men
  • Small/atrophic testes
  • Dissatisfaction with an existing penile implant
  • Malfunctioning penile implants
  • Second opinion regarding a penile implant

Procedures & Surgeries

  • Inflatable Penile Implants, both AMS and Coloplast
  • Semirigid Penile implants, including Rigicon devices
  • Artificial Urinary Sphincters
  • Testicular Implants

Meet Dr. Andrew Kramer

Andrew Kramer, MD did his residency and fellowship at Boston University Medical Center. Subsequently, he spent 14 years at the University of Maryland where he was an Associate Professor and Residency Director for Urology. There, Dr. Kramer led a surgical team that performed over 300 implants per year, with patients flying in from all 50 states and 5 Continents. This experience leads to better outcomes, with fewer complications and infections. Revisions and second opinions are welcome as well.

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